Are you ready to live a life of real freedom ? Free from your emotional trauma that weighs you down as if you're carrying an elephant on your back?

If you desire to put an end to your suffering and you want to fall in love with yourself

and life once again, you've come to the right place.


When you heal your inner relationship with yourself, all of your outer connections

begin to shift into the healthy and fulfilling relationships you've been waiting for. 

When you heal your emotional trauma, you become healthier across all aspects of your being.  Mind. Body. Soul. You did not come here to suffer. 


Your true self and dream life are simply buried under conditioning, other's opinions and inaccurate conclusions you made as a child that became your beliefs about who you are.


There is way out for you beautiful soul. 


Meet Kait 

Kait will help you release and heal your emotional trauma and subconscious blocks

so you can remember who you are on a soul level and manifest the life you desire. When you reconnect back into your authentic infinite self, you no longer block love, peace, joy, inner freedom, abundance and grace from your life.  They instead flow into your life as they are truly meant to.

Cosmic Love CHANNEL + Energy Healer 

As far back as Kait recalls, complete strangers open up to her for advice and she has the answer they need. Kait has a rare, innate gift of sensing what someone needs and where their unhappiness lies. During her successful advertising career, understanding human behavior flowed like magic. She was known as 'The Specialist' for easily managing some of the most creative, difficult personalities with true grace. It came as no surprise that she reconnected back into the world of Self Development throughout her journey.

​The road to discovering Kait's true purpose was no cake walk. In 2012, her world flipped over and she lost everything in a very short amount of time. This began her own heroes journey of deep inner healing and transformation. During this very difficult time, Kait found the Akashic Records, Meditation, Reiki and Sound Healing. She quickly answered her own inner calling and trained in each modality. In 2019, Kait began Transformational Coaching, as

an apprentice under Kute Blackson; a master of profound transformation. In true Kait style, she was determined to learn how to radically transform the way one functions in life.  She knew suffering was not the only option and saw how this work brought

her back to who she really is. 

Kait brings empathy, compassion, wisdom and mastery to all of her unique, life shifting work. Her infectious energy and passion for helping others is inspirational to say the least. Kait knows from first hand experience that in order to transform the world at large, we must first start within.

Kait completed a rigorous, year plus Coach Apprentice and Leadership program with Kute Blackson, a Transformational Truth Teacher that has profoundly transformed thousands of lives around the world.  Kait's earlier studies include Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Life Coach @ Life Purpose Institute, Reiki Practitioner Level 3, 

Stott Pilates Instructor Fully Certified 600 hours, Life University and she is ABMP Insured.

What Brought You Here? 

Are you tired of repeating the same non serving behavior patterns from one relationship to the next ?​

Do you wonder why your dreams are not manifesting in Love, Money or Career ?

Does it feel like your energy is limited even while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle ?

Do you put others needs ahead of yours to feel better about yourself ?

Do you seek validation from outside sources ?

Were you abandoned by your parents or caretakers ? 

Kait was there in many different ways and can attest to how painful and soul crushing that all was.

You see we are all born powerful, unlimited divine extensions of Source/God/Universe. 


We then experience life's conditioning from society, family upbringing, school, media, culture, etc.  All of the

disappointment, trauma, abuse, abandonment, pain, etc. contorts us into someone we are not.  We fall out of love

with ourselves. We change who we truly are just to feel accepted, loved and validated. Living life as someone

we are not blocks the flow of divine life force energy from happening as its meant to through us.


Kait's mission is to uncover that greatness buried inside you that's been forgotten along the way, to empower you to return to who you really are. Her work is designed to bring your blind spots to light, release repressed patterns from your nervous system that make space for energetic expansion in all area's of your life.  Together you will discover how your own inner resistance and lack of self love has been blocking you from manifesting all the things you desire.  Kait will gently guide you to remember who you are and reconnect with your divine inner essence, love, peace, abundance and ultimately your personal freedom.


Return to the loving, unlimited, confident person you are meant to be and watch abundance and grace flow in ways you couldn't imagine before. 

What Are You Waiting For?  



Words cannot do the transformation that Kait has incited within me justice.


Through Kait’s coaching program, I realized my self-worth again, along with realigning my actions to reflect this. I started eating better, I stopped smoking, I started exercising. Kait inspired me to develop a daily practice of connecting with myself via meditation, affirmations and journaling. She gave me real-world tools to use. I even discovered my life purpose, and was able to experience a paradigm shift. Kait truly helped me kickstart the healing process, and helped me confidently make space for more good in my life.


There’s a perpetual projection of kindness and compassion from Kait that made me always  feel safe. I never felt judged, rather understood and supported. Kait brought subconscious blind spots to the forefront that were blocking me from moving forward in my life. By identifying and healing these blockages, I also gained the ability to fully share my gifts, to make an impact in the world.


I’m so grateful to Kait for all she's been able to help me accomplish in such a short amount of time. A true light worker, I rave about her! She’s making an impact and changing the world, one person at a time.

— Isabelle Lira, Los Angeles, CA

It's Time To Make Real Changes In Your Life and Your Relationships

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When you heal your inner relationship with yourself, it will shift all of your outer relationships. Be honest with yourself. Is how you've been living working for you? Are you truly happy? Have you been moved from one relationship or career to the next wondering why you end up with the same results each time?​ Do you feel like you're stuck in a hamster wheel going nowhere fast? 
This deep dive coaching program for Goddesses like you will reveal what's really holding you back in life. It will expand your capacity to love yourself and others and to live your life fully, no longer from a limited, conditioned point of view. Kait uses a combination of tapping, her channeled guidance and healing energy to clear trauma that's being stored in your nervous system and energetically holding you back.  Kait's innate gift of seeing you at your soul level will guide you to reconnect back into your true essence ie. your greatness! 
You are not lost. Your true self is there behind the conclusions you drew when you were young that formed your beliefs about who you are now.  This Cosmic Goddess coaching program is for you if you are ready to release the limiting, subconscious patterns that have been running your life, your relationships, your money, your dreams. It's time to unleash your divine, creative innate power.
You are not reading this by accident. This is your destiny calling. 2020 has shown us all that we can no longer continue to live the way we have been and that it's time for great change within all of us. In order to change the world at large, we must first start within. 

If you feel you are ready to make real, lasting changes in yourself, click the button below to schedule a 'no obligation' Heal Your Inner Relationship Cosmic Goddess Coaching Strategy Call with Kait. 


 Everything is energy and we are energetic beings of sound. Just like instruments, we also need our own tuning up. SOUND HEALING THERAPY is so effective because it influences both our emotional and physical bodies. The different sounds and vibrations can interact with us in the following *ways:


  • Reduce Anxiety, Depression and Stress

  • Improve Immunity 

  • Induce Complete Relaxation

  • Promote Deep Meditation

  • Increase Mental Clarity and Focus

  • Improve Sleep

  • Relieve Insomnia

  • Relieve Physical Pain

  • Normalize Blood Pressure

  • Release Stuck Emotions or Trauma

  • Activate Higher States of Consciousness


In addition MEDITATION has been shown to


  • Preserve the Aging Brain 

  • Help with Addiction

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence

  • Develop a Greater Sense of Self-Awareness

* Info taken from studies done at UCLA, Yale and John Hopkins University



Mayan Akashic Soundbath

45 minutes


This is a magical, deeply relaxing meditative sound journey combining sacred healing instruments and multidimensional energies. 


Kait channels a powerful combination of spirit from the Mayan Forces of Light, the Akasha, Egyptian and Hindu Dieties bringing you back into alignment with your authentic self while helping you release repressed energies that are stuck energetically

in your chakra’s. 



90 minutes

at Private Location in Playa Del Carmen, MX

Bath yourself in sacred healing sound instruments tuned to 432hz and 528 hz frequencies designed to heal current issues, whether they are emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.


Kait combines sacred healing instruments while channeling a powerful combination of divine energies including Reiki, Akashic and any other guided energies that you require in the interest of your highest good.


This session can help you heal trauma and release energies that are stuck in your system holding you back from your own expansion.  This will also deeply relax you.

In either offering, both journeys are designed to open a deeper connection to your own unconditional self-love

and inner peace. Your willing presence and openness to receiving is all that's required.



Click on the email below or use this form to let Kait know what you are wanting more of in your life.

All appointment, collab requests, feedback or +vibes are always welcome.

Infinite Love !!