Receive divine clarity in the area's of your life that you seek. This can include anywhere from healing limiting wounds or beliefs to elevating you into a higher state of consciousness or action all from a unique, soul level channelled view.
Each reading is also a healing providing divine wisdom when you do not have the objectivity you need to understand your situations, potentials, life purpose or struggles. 


This is for you if 

- You want to understand yourself better

- You feel stuck and don’t know what direction to take

- You need clarity around the ongoing struggles in your life

- You've experienced emotional, mental, physical, spiritual abuse or trauma

- You struggle with maintaining stability in your relationships, career or finances

- You seek a new outlook on your current circumstances and a strategy for how to move ahead

- You want to know, hear and trust your intuition more and allow it to lead you in a positive direction

- You crave a deep sense of calm and connection in your life

Kait offers a Interactive Session via phone or Zoom. An audio file recording of the reading will be delivered via email following the session.
You can also receive a reading via email for for 1-2 questions at a time. 
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