• Kait Boehm

☆ Evolve or Evolve ☆

The time has come friends. We will not be going back to how things were. We are now in the greatest spiritual revolution and it’s up to each and every one of us to dive deep into our own stuff, the way we have been living, the way we’ve been treating others, the ways we have numbed ourselves through the media and distractions, chasing all the material things, addictions to social media and not thinking for ourselves. Basically doing whatever the powers that be tell you to do.

Guess what? Advertising, the media and 'the powers' don’t care about you, they care about your money. How do I know? I worked in advertising for a few decades. What have all these companies been selling you? Disempowerment. Buy this car to be cool, loved or accepted. Wear this brand of clothing to be cool, loved or accepted. You’re not good enough unless you buy X, Y or Z.

Can I be real ? At first I thought the biz was great. My first impression was when I visited my sister at an advertising agency in Detroit and someone had a motorcycle in their office! Everyone was dressed cool seemed the same and it was creative. Over time, I was able to work one on one with some of the MOST creatively talented people out there. Passionate, creative geniuses. Then reality set in and not only was it exhausting (often working well into the night, 7 days a week, 80 hours a week,) it became Soul Sucking. It was a great way to make a living but I gave so up much time and energy to a way of life that is subconsciously making you feel unworthy unless you can achieve this or that through your purchases. And none of that is even true! You are WORTHY of unconditional LOVE and acceptance, just because you are you!!!!

Now is the time to spend 'all the time you haven’t had before' to disconnect from technology and the media, to MEDITATE, to reflect on how you’ve been treating yourself and others, to start that work out to take care of your body, to eat healthy plant based foods, to journal and let out those repressed memories, to learn why you have been repeating the same old behavior patterns throughout your life that have not led you to your personal FREEDOM yet.

I invite each of you to create a daily practice for yourself, in whatever way that resonates for you. Meditation, Exercise, Eating plant based foods, Self Love, Deep Dive into your life's disappointments that are ultimately paralyzing your energy as an adult. We don’t even realize how much energy we really have access to because we are buried under our own personal conditioning from our parents, society, media, teachers, etc. THIS IS THE TIME to go within and STOP RUNNING from yourself.

I’m here for you now more than ever. Please REACH OUT if you have questions, aren’t sure what to do, or how to start. I’ve been through my own version of CV19 a few times since 2012 in different forms and I’ve come out stronger and wiser every time. I’m here to help you do the same!

You can reach me through my link in bio on IG @claritywithkait, my website or though email

Sending everyone LOVE & healing energy !! Let's do this together !!

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