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Your intuitively guided session is done as a interactive reading that consists of exploring yourself from your Soul's point of view through the Akashic Records. The records contain all past, present and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion. This insightful, spiritual tool is accessed through a sacred prayer and provides great wisdom and healing when you do not have the clarity or objectivity you need to understand your situations or life struggles. This transformational and healing, personal discovery work is very powerful for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing potentials. Remove limiting behaviors or beliefs for good, so you can live your life with Purpose, Joy, Prosperity and Inner Peace. 

45 minutes for $146.

Kait see's clients remotely through distance healing sessions via phone, ZOOM, or in person.  If you're located outside of Los Angeles,

Kait is available via phone, or web. The same benefits and energies are received in any scenario. 

For additional calculated by distance rates, Kait travels for in home private sessions