This is a free no obligation 15 minute (coffee optional) consultation to find out more about working with Kait. Together you will explore where you are currently, where you would like to be and which modality is best for you.

PAYMENT is due before the session starts using one of the following options :

  • CREDIT CARDS or CASH are accepted in person, or through Stripe

  • VENMO @claritywithkait

  • PAYPAL link paypal.me/claritywithkait



Your intuitively guided session is done as a interactive reading that consists of exploring yourself from your Soul's point of view through the Akashic Records. The records contain all past, present and future possibilities; and are an experiential body of knowledge and compassion. This insightful, spiritual tool is accessed through a sacred prayer and provides great wisdom and healing when you do not have the clarity or objectivity you need to understand your situations or life struggles. This transformational and healing, personal discovery work is very powerful for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing potentials. Remove limiting behaviors or beliefs for good, so you can live your life with Purpose, Joy, Prosperity and Inner Peace. 

This is done for 45  minutes over the phone, or Zoom.​

  • 45 minutes $135


Reiki promotes deep states of relaxation and peace. From these restorative states, the body and mind can find their natural states of balance and let go of tension, stress, and pain.  Even unconscious patterns of self-defeating behavior, which may contribute to problems in our relationships, finances, work and health, may begin to dissolve as Reiki helps us to deeply access restful states of peace. 


Regular Reiki practice increases our resilience and our ability to respond to life in a healthy manner. This often reduces illness, improves how we cope with difficult times, and increases our overall sense of well-being.

This treatment happens while laying down or sitting while Kait places her hands on or near your body, moving only to change placements throughout the session over many different energy points to activate the natural healing processes and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Session Rate

  • 60 minutes $150


What I offer is very different from most traditional coaching programs, which often do not get to the real source of issues, rather tends to provide surface level, band-aid, quick-fix solutions and advice. I help you transform from the “Inside-Out” rather than “Outside In”. It is designed to peel away the layers that prevent your full self-expression, break you through the limitations and fears that hold you back, challenge and inspire you to love more fully, and catapult you into living your true life’s purpose.

It is a highly customized and experiential process designed to “uncoach” you from the patterns and blockages that limit the full expression of your full potential. And to help you access your true self and live that powerfully in the world.

This profound coaching process is about connecting you back to your true Source. It’s ultimately about getting more YOU. When you connect to the real YOU, you will literally shine, attracting your heart’s most deepest desires — be it overflowing abundance, juicy relationships, and profound peace — you name it. As you connect to who you really are, you access a source of freedom that is unshakable, not determined by anything outside of yourself. Then you become truly powerful. You can then enter the world with a courage, boldness and a confidence to create the life you want.

Session Rate

  • 40 minutes $0





 has been proven to have the following benefits and then some : It reduces stress and anxiety, induces relaxation, improves concentration, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases self-awareness, increases happiness, increases acceptance of yourself and improves your intuition abilities. It changes the brain physiology to slow aging, as well as benefitting cardiovascular and immune health.  

At the office, it can help solve the most common problems employees face: stress, anxiety, headaches, physical tension, mid-day fatigue and brain fog, irritability, jet-lag, high blood pressure, and chronic sleep deprivation.